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Welcome to our company! With 10 years of experience, we are a leading mini printer manufacturer, known for our advanced technology and high-quality products. Moreover, our professional team is dedicated to delivering fast printing, reliability, and exceptional print quality. Whether you’re in retail, logistics, or hospitality, our mini printers meet your needs seamlessly. Additionally, with innovative features and user-friendly interfaces, our products undergo strict quality control to provide you with reliable, efficient, and long-lasting solutions.

Thank you for choosing us as your mini printer partner! We are a reliable manufacturer built on advanced technology, offering the best solutions. Leveraging our 10 years of experience, we understand market demands and drive continuous technological innovation. Our mini printers not only deliver high-speed printing and outstanding performance but also boast user-friendliness. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to ensure a seamless experience. Choose us to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and instill confidence in your business.

Types of Mini Printer for Kids We Made

Thermal Photo Printer

Mini Printer, Pocket Printer, Thermal Photo Printer, Portable Mini Photo Printer, Mobile Photo Printer for Smartphone Bluetooth, Compatible with Android and iOS System for Journal, Travel


【Bluetooth instant connection printer】The printer effortlessly utilizes the ‘Tiny Print’ app via Bluetooth connection; no other intricate processes are necessary. Just follow the connection instructions to swiftly link it to any smartphone, and you can embark on your wireless black and white printing journey. Moreover, to immortalize your child’s growth and the significance of travel, relish the joy of creating beautiful memories.

【Excellent Performance Bluetooth Printer】 Featuring a portable design and superb print quality, this photo printer boasts a high resolution of 200 DPI. Equipped with a built-in rechargeable 1200mAh Li-ion battery of high density, it ensures a longer battery life for extended usage. This high-quality photo printer is the perfect companion for capturing and preserving beautiful moments. Moreover, after witnessing the breathtaking landscapes, you can seamlessly rediscover the lost beauty through crystal-clear images.

【Nice and practical instant printer】Introducing the mini smartphone photo thermal printer, characterized by its elegant, simple, and irresistibly cute appearance. With a compact and lightweight body size, it conveniently fits into a bag or purse, making it the perfect travel companion. Take it with you wherever you go, allowing you to effortlessly record anything you wish to log.

【The Best Mini Photo Printer for Gifts】It supports a variety of functional applications, enabling you to print photos, stickers, work schedules, and more. This makes it an excellent gift choice for students, couples, family members, and friends alike. Additionally, serving as a little assistant, it helps to effortlessly record the moments that make up a good life!

Mini Printer Thermal Printer

Compact and Wireless Phone Printer with Bluetooth Connectivity, Instant Pocket-Sized Printing for Anatomy Pictures, Children’s DIY Projects in Pink and Blue Variants.

【Portable Mini Printer] This mini and portable printer is designed to be conveniently stowed in your pocket or bag, ensuring easy access and usability anytime and anywhere.

【QUICK PRINTING & CLEAR PHOTOS】This mobile printer is equipped with a superior-quality thermal print head, boasting a long lifespan without the need for ink cartridges or consumables. With a remarkable 200dpi high resolution, it effortlessly and quickly prints various black and white pictures.

【Bluetooth Connection and APP Operation】This user-friendly photo printer is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. Simply follow the instructions to download the app, then seamlessly connect your phone’s Bluetooth to operate it and print all kinds of beautiful photos at your convenience.

【Study Helper】 Featuring a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery, this printer boasts a printing speed of 40mm/s, ensuring fast drawing and low-noise printing. This time-saving device is perfect for copying notes, assisting in learning, and enhancing overall efficiency in both educational and professional settings. Say goodbye to messy wrong questions and notes, as this printer helps organize learning effectively. Ideal for study and office use, it brings a new level of convenience to your daily tasks.

【Upgraded Multi-Function Printer】 This upgraded mini printer is impressively multi-functional, supporting a range of printing tasks such as QR codes, scrapbooking, diary entries, storage labels, lists, memos, error book entries, photo printing, and web printing. It proves to be versatile and suitable for various purposes, catering to office needs, students, children, families, and labeling enthusiasts. Additionally, it makes for a thoughtful gift for children, students, family members, and friends.

A4 paper printer

Portable A4 Paper Printer

Travel-Ready Bluetooth Thermal Printer, A4 Paper Support, Compatible with Android, iOS Phones & Laptops, Inkless Printing Solution for Mobile Office On-the-Go

【Portable and Efficient】 This compact and portable printer seamlessly fits into a handbag or briefcase. Perfect for various scenarios such as business trips, school, and car rides, it offers the flexibility to print anywhere, anytime. From official documents to shipping labels, design drawings, and exam papers, this device puts essential printing at your fingertips. It serves as a reliable companion, especially in emergency situations.

【More Printing Options】] The A4 portable printer comes equipped with a built-in paper stopper featuring an adjustable paper slot width. Additionally, it offers support for both roll and folded paper options, catering to your diverse printing requirements on various occasions.”

【All-in-One Printer】The thermal printer offers versatile connectivity, supporting Bluetooth for both IOS and Android phones, as well as USB connection compatible with Windows 7-11. It connects swiftly and is ready to use right out of the box. This portable thermal printer is compatible with a variety of file formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, and JPG. The accompanying print app not only facilitates template printing but also supports photo printing. With one printer, you can unlock multiple functionalities, creating enhanced value for your printing needs

【Save more money】 The portable printer embraces advanced thermal printing technology, eliminating the need for ink, toner, and ribbon costs associated with traditional printers. It comes with a roll of thermal paper, providing substantial cost savings of at least 50%. This not only proves to be economically efficient but is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. With every print, you contribute to the environmental cause, making each printing session a conscious and sustainable choice.

Get Your Custom Mini Printer for Kids

As a mini printer manufacturer for kids, our company offers a wide range of customization options to cater to the unique preferences and needs of our young customers:

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Mini Printer for Kids Application

Upgrade your production line with our mini printers! Streamline labeling, enhance documentation, and enable real-time tracking. Compact, durable, and cost-efficient. Elevate your manufacturing operations today.

Mini Printer for Kids FAQs

Yes, our mini printer for kids, recognized as a top-rated portable mini printer, is meticulously designed with safety as the utmost priority. Crafted using non-toxic materials and featuring rounded edges to prevent any sharp points, it ensures a secure user experience. Furthermore, our best mini printer with Bluetooth capabilities strictly adheres to international safety standards for children’s products.

Our mini printer, recognized as a leading portable mini printer and often hailed as the best mini printer with Bluetooth capabilities, harnesses advanced thermal printing technology. This innovative approach eliminates the need for ink or toner, ensuring not only mess-free printing but also contributing to environmental friendliness.

The mini printer, celebrated as a top-rated portable mini printer with Bluetooth capabilities, is seamlessly compatible with standard 2-inch wide thermal paper rolls. This compact size not only makes it the best mini printer for various applications but also ensures it’s perfect for little hands.

The best mini printer in its class, our portable mini printer effortlessly connects via Bluetooth to a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. For an even more user-friendly experience, we provide a dedicated app that ensures seamless printing.

Our best mini printer, renowned for its portable design and Bluetooth connectivity, supports versatile printing options. Whether it’s text, images, or simple black-and-white drawings, this mini printer is an excellent tool for creating labels, stickers, and educational materials.

Absolutely! Our best mini printer, known for its portability and Bluetooth capabilities, actively encourages creativity and learning. It serves as a versatile tool for art projects, crafting, and printing educational materials such as flashcards and quizzes. This mini printer plays a pivotal role in fostering fine motor skills and enhancing children’s imagination.

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