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Factory Overview

Welcome to Sharpmind Technology Co., LTD,a cutting-edge factory, spanning over 6500 square meters, specializing in electronic educational products and innovative toys. With a workforce of 500+ employees, we maintain a remarkable production capacity of 200,000PCS/month for reading pens, 120,000PCS/month for coding robots, and 220,000PCS/month for electronic toys.

Customization Expertise

We excel in OEM/ODM services, collaborating with you to meet your unique requirements. Our experienced team is poised to create bespoke products that align with your brand.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is underscored by ISO 9001 certification and FAMA (Disney) compliance. We uphold international standards in our production processes.

Diverse Product Range

Explore our range of smart toys, coding robots, kids’ cameras, reading pens, and interactive flashcards, all designed to inspire learning and creativity.

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— Products We Made —

Mini Printer

Portable printing made easy. Compact and high-quality mini printers for on-the-go convenience.

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LCD Writing Tablet

Explore Endless Creativity with our Colorful Toddler Doodle Board Drawing Tablet – Erasable, Reusable, and Educational for Boys and Girls aged 3-6


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White Board

25”/32”/38”Magnetic Portable Easel Dry Erase Board, Flipchart Easel Stand Tripod Whiteboard

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Reading Pen

Boost Your Child’s Literacy with the Best Reading Pens,2 Books with 100 Reading Lesssons and interactive pens, Ages 6+


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Talking Flash Cards

Unlock Early Learning Brilliance,Talking Flash Cards for Toddlers 2-4 Years

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Children Camera

Capturing Joy and Creativity,Children’s Instant Camera Delights

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Coding Robot

Empower Young Minds with STEM Learning: Coding Robot Set for Kids 4-10,Learn to Code Robot for Homeschool & Classroom



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Instant Printing Camera

Kid’s Instant Camera: Capture Precious Moments in 1080P with 2.4 Inch Screen, Print Paper, and 32GB TF Card Included


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Talking Pen with Books

Empower Learning with the Blue Reading and Writing System

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— Get Your Custom Edecational products —

Greetings! In our capacity as a manufacturer specializing in smart toys, coding robots, and educational products, moreover, we provide an extensive array of customization possibilities aimed at satisfying the distinct requirements and desires of our clientele. To delve deeper into these options, let’s explore the details.

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— Manufacturing Process —

Introduction: Emphasizing Quality and Safety

To commence this exploration, it’s essential to highlight the paramount importance of the manufacturing process for educational products, with a particular focus on quality and safety.

Research and Design: Innovating Through Analysis

Transitioning to the research and design phase, let’s delve into how market analysis and pedagogical principles are meticulously leveraged to develop innovative and engaging educational products.

Material Selection: Prioritizing Durability and Safety

Continuing forward, we’ll emphasize the significance of selecting non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, thus not only enhancing durability and safety but also aligning with sustainable practices.

Prototyping: Refining for Optimal Usability

As we progress to the prototyping stage, it’s crucial to understand how prototyping serves as a dynamic process, allowing for rigorous testing and continuous refinement of product designs, ultimately optimizing usability and effectiveness.

Manufacturing Process: Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way

In the subsequent section focusing on the manufacturing process, we will meticulously detail each step, including production planning, tooling, and assembly, all while maintaining unwavering commitment to rigorous quality control.

Packaging and Branding: Aligning Identity and Communication

Shifting our lens to packaging and branding, we’ll vividly describe how packaging seamlessly aligns with brand identity and effectively communicates essential product features and safety guidelines.

Compliance and Certification: Prioritizing Safety Standards

Amidst this discussion, it is imperative to underscore the paramount importance of complying with stringent regulations and obtaining the requisite certifications to ensure the highest standards of product safety.

Continuous Improvement: Adapting for Enhanced Learning

Concluding our journey in the realm of continuous improvement, we will dive into the adaptive processes that integrate invaluable feedback and harness emerging technologies, thereby steadily enhancing the educational products over tim


— Smart Toys, Coding Robot, Educational Products Benefits —

Encourages STEM Learning: Nurturing a Passion for STEM

Firstly, smart toys, coding robots, and educational products have a remarkable ability to encourage STEM learning. By actively engaging with these products, children not only have fun but also develop critical STEM skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Enhances Cognitive Development: Strengthening Cognitive Abilities

Additionally, these interactive toys and educational products play a pivotal role in enhancing cognitive development among children. Through play, children can foster memory, concentration, and attention span – all essential skills contributing to their academic success.

Promotes Language Development: Cultivating Language Skills

Transitioning to language development, some smart toys and educational products are specially designed to promote language growth. These tools introduce children to new vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, thus significantly enhancing their reading and writing abilities.

Provides Hands-On Learning: Engaging in Interactive Education

Furthermore, these educational products offer hands-on learning experiences that go beyond traditional classroom settings. Such interactive experiences are not only engaging but also highly memorable, fostering effective information retention in children.

Fosters Creativity: Encouraging Imaginative Thinking

Finally, many smart toys, coding robots, and educational products are meticulously crafted to foster creativity among children. Through open-ended play opportunities, these products empower children to develop their imaginations and encourage them to think outside the box.



— Customized Solutions —

First Paragraph:

Our OEM/ODM services, above all, redefine customization. Tailoring our Talking pens, coding robots, and Children cameras to your exact specifications, we offer an immersive experience that fosters innovation, creativity, and seamless integration into your educational or business ecosystem. In this regard, your vision, our expertise – a perfect synergy.

Second Paragraph: 

Furthermore, with our OEM/ODM services, you can expect us to adapt our Talking pens, coding robots, and Children cameras accordingly to your exact specifications. We offer an immersive experience that fosters innovation, creativity, and seamless integration into your educational or business ecosystem. As a result, your vision, our expertise – a perfect synergy.

Software & Hardware Development

The next step in development involves not only 3D design of PCBAs, integrated circuits, and housings but also software development

Tools Development

The third step is to flesh out the idea – tools, components, etc.


Starting with a simple idea, and progressing through the process, the joy of seeing the final product is unique!



Collaborating closely with our content provider partners, we collectively bring award-winning projects to life. Furthermore, all the products we develop under the licenses of Disney and National Geographic are innovative learning toys. We strongly believe in the value of intellectual property, but we also hold the firm belief that our innovative product development can make a significant and meaningful contribution in this field.

IOS&Android smart OID pen

For a suitable solution, consider our Bluetooth, 2.4G, and WIFI OID reading pen solution. This versatile pen is designed to work in conjunction with the APK/APP of your smart device, allowing seamless connectivity via Bluetooth, 2.4G, or WIFI. Whether the content is stored within the pen itself or on a cloud server, our solution accommodates both options.

Furthermore, our system seamlessly integrates with language learning systems, incorporating speech recognition technology and providing comprehensive user reports. This makes it an ideal choice for evaluating and assessing learning progress.

NG question answering machine

Introducing our NFC, RFID, and 2.4G OID point reading pen solution. This interactive quiz toy comes with 48 cards, each representing different topics. Simply insert a card into the machine, and it will promptly recognize which card you’ve chosen. The machine will then engage you with questions, such as identifying the capital of France with options like A. New York, B. London, and C. Paris.

For an engaging twist, two players can participate, with each taking turns to answer. The player who correctly responds in the shortest time emerges as the winner.

OID video reading pen

GIFT, in essence, is a fantastic learning tool that not only makes education enjoyable for children but also seamlessly integrates books into their daily lives.

 — Application —

Smart toys, in particular, can be used effectively to help children learn in a fun and engaging way. Take, for instance, a smart toy that comes equipped with sensors; these sensors enable the toy to react to touch, sound, and movement. Consequently, this encourages children to explore and experiment, gaining an understanding of cause and effect.


— Why Choose Us — 

— Our  Factory —

— What Our Other Customers Say About Us —

“I purchased a Sharpmindtech smart toy as a gift for my grandson, and he absolutely loves it. Not only is the toy fun, but it also helps him learn programming and other valuable skills. I would highly recommend Sharpmindtech’s products to anyone looking for innovative educational products.”

Nancy / Facebook

“Our school purchased Sharpmindtech’s educational products, and they were a perfect fit for our curriculum. Our students enjoyed interacting with these smart toys and gained more excitement and motivation in learning. Sharpmindtech’s team was very professional and provided us with excellent customer service.”

Mark / Linkdin

I have been searching for a way to make learning fun and engaging for my kids, and Sharpmindtech’s smart toys are exactly what I’ve been looking for. My kids love playing with these toys, and they have even started showing an interest in programming. I would recommend Sharpmindtech’s products to all parents.”

Robert / Facebook

“I bought some Sharpmindtech smart toys as a birthday gift for my best friend, who is a software engineer. He was very interested in these toys and spent a lot of time playing with them, learning programming and other skills. These products are not only suitable for children, but also for anyone interested in learning new things.”

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— After-Sales Support —

1.Dedicated support team

At our company, we have a dedicated team of experts who are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have after your purchase. Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

2.Rapid response time

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to resolving any issues with your smart toys, coding robots, or other educational products. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing rapid response times to ensure that your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

3.Comprehensive warranties

Our products are built to last, but we understand that accidents can happen. That’s why we offer comprehensive warranties on all of our products, so you can rest assured that you’re covered in the event of any unforeseen issues.

4.Upgrades and maintenance

As technology continues to evolve, we’re committed to keeping your products up-to-date with the latest innovations. We offer regular upgrades and maintenance services to ensure that your smart toys, coding robots, and other educational products continue to perform at their best.

5.Customer satisfaction guarantee

We take pride in our products and want to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

— Our Partner —

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 — FAQs —

Our smart toys, coding robots, and educational products offer many benefits, including high-quality materials, rich functionality, user-friendly interfaces, safe and reliable designs, and scalability. These features can help children learn through play and play through learning.

Our smart toys, coding robots, and educational products are suitable for children of all ages. For younger children, our products can help them learn basic knowledge and skills, such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. For older children, our products can help them learn advanced skills such as programming, electronics, and robot design.

Our smart toys, coding robots, and educational products can collaborate with schools and educational institutions to provide education and training services, as well as curriculum design. Our products can help students better understand and apply knowledge of science and technology, and improve their creativity and innovation.

Our smart toys, coding robots, and educational products undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure compliance with international quality and safety standards. We use high-quality materials and designs to ensure the safety and reliability of our products. Additionally, we provide detailed instructions for use and maintenance to help users use our products correctly.

We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including product warranties, repairs, and replacements. Users can contact our customer service team at any time to access related services and support. Our goal is to ensure that every customer receives the best service and experience.

Our smart toys, coding robots, and educational products have many advantages, including high-quality designs, rich functionality, user-friendly interfaces, safe and reliable designs, and scalability. Additionally, we provide comprehensive after-sales services and support to ensure that customers receive the best experience and service.

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