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Product Description 

EYE PROTECTION LCD WRITING TABLET: Embracing the 2022 LCD pressure-sensitive technology, our toddler doodle board toys feature an impressive 18.5-inch LCD colorful screen. This cutting-edge technology ensures a safe and comfortable drawing experience, devoid of radiation and glare, making it ideal for prolonged use. Your child’s safety and enjoyment are our top priorities.

ENVIRONMENTAL: The battery of the writing and drawing tablet has 3-6 months battery life, can be replaced for cycle use, without charging or plugging in power. The drawing pad toys can provide about 100,000 writings, avoid waste of paper and pencils.

ABSOLUTELY SAFETY TOYS FOR KIDS: The writing and drawing tablet boasts an impressive battery life of 3-6 months, offering the convenience of cycle use without the need for charging or plugging in power. This innovative feature ensures continuous usability and minimizes the hassle of frequent recharging. Additionally, the drawing pad toys can provide approximately 100,000 writings, effectively reducing the waste of paper and pencils. This not only makes it an environmentally friendly choice but also guarantees longevity and sustainability for your child’s creative endeavors.

EDUCATIONAL LEARNING TOYS WHILE PLAYING: Providing ample space for imaginative graffiti and effortless viewing, our product encourages unrestricted creativity, allowing children to freely explore their imagination. This not only fosters a better preschool or homeschool learning experience but also enhances the overall educational journey. The expansive canvas ensures an engaging platform for your child’s creativity to flourish, making every doodle an enriching learning opportunity.”

ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS KIDS: Crafted from robust plastic, the case of our drawing board for kids is designed for durability. The addition of rounded corners enhances its shock resistance and drop resistance. Weighing only 150 grams and measuring just 1/3 inches in thickness, this colorful etch-a-sketch is not only lightweight but also compact. Its portability makes it an ideal companion for airplane toys, car activities, and essential travel games accessories. Ensuring resilience and convenience, our drawing board is built to withstand the demands of active play on the go.”

MESS FREE COLORING FOR TODDLERS:The doodle board toys effortlessly produce vibrant lines of varying thickness, responding to the pressure applied by the stylus, nails, or any hard object. With a simple press of the erase button, clearing the screen content takes just one second. Additionally, the lock key allows users to preserve their creations for future enjoyment. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the doodle board under adequate lighting, as this enhances the brightness of the lines, providing a visually appealing drawing experience.

3 4 5 YEAR OLD BOY TOYS:Ideal for boys honing their writing and drawing skills, these toys offer endless entertainment. Whether dreaming on long car rides or engaged at home, they prove to be versatile and engaging. The perfect companions for growing kids, these toys serve a dual purpose—providing both entertainment and educational value. With a seamless transition from the car to home, these toys make learning and fun synonymous for young boys.

Customization Options for LCD Writing Tablets

As an LCD Writing Tablet manufacturer, Sharpmindtech offers a range of customizable options to cater to diverse customer preferences. Here are the key customization options we provide:

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LCD Writing Tablet  Application

As an LCD writing tablet manufacturer, here are four examples showcasing the applications of our product:

LCD Writing Tablet FAQs

Our LCD writing boards, available for bulk purchase, feature a pressure-sensitive screen that enables precise writing and drawing. With convenient one-touch erase functionality, these LCD writing boards ensure effortless content removal. Designed with long-lasting battery capabilities, they support extended use without frequent recharging. Furthermore, certain models cater specifically to kids, with additional stylus options and protective cases. For enhanced connectivity, some LCD writing boards seamlessly link to mobile devices and cloud services, providing easy storage and sharing options.

Our LCD writing boards, offered in bulk and suitable for various applications, stand out with their superior build quality, responsiveness, and durability. Incorporating advanced technology, they ensure smooth writing and accurate input, making them the ideal choice for professional use. Beyond their exceptional performance, our tablets showcase an elegant design and are available in various sizes, catering to different preferences. Explore our range, featuring LCD writing boards for kids, tablets with stylus options, and protective cases for added convenience.

Yes, our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is evident in our range of LCD writing boards. Specifically designed to be reusable, these tablets play a significant role in saving hundreds of sheets of paper from being wasted each year. Moreover, our dedication extends to the materials used in these boards, ensuring they are non-toxic and compliant with stringent environmental standards. Explore our LCD writing boards, available for bulk purchase, and join us in making environmentally conscious choices.

With proper care, our LCD writing boards, available in bulk and suitable for various applications, can last for several years. The durability of both the writing surface and the battery life ensures extended usability, making them a reliable investment. Additionally, to provide our customers with added peace of mind, we offer a warranty period on our LCD writing boards. Explore our range, including options for kids, tablets with stylus features, and protective cases for enhanced durability.

Yes, we offer comprehensive customization services for bulk orders of our LCD writing boards. Tailor your tablets to align with your brand identity by choosing options such as having your company logo printed on the devices or selecting specific colors and designs. Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate closely with you to meet your customization requirements. Explore our range, including options for kids, tablets with stylus features, and protective cases, and transform them to suit your unique branding needs.

We prioritize fast and reliable shipping options for our LCD writing boards, catering to various needs, including bulk orders and tablets for kids. While shipping times may vary depending on the destination, we strive to dispatch orders promptly. Additionally, we provide comprehensive tracking information, enabling you to keep a close eye on your shipment’s progress. Explore our range, featuring options for tablets with stylus features, protective cases, and bulk purchases, and experience timely delivery for all your orders.

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